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Coaches Meeting was Tuesday March 19th. If you have not heard from your child's coach yet you should within the week.

OSC Online Registration

Oakridge Recreational Soccer Club cost is just $60 which includes Jersey/T-shirt. We accept check, cash and credit cards. If you complete a registration online but do not pay, please follow the payment mailing instructions. Your child will not be placed on a team until payment is recieved.


  1. Fans are not to cross the field of play at the conclusion of the match. The bench area is for players and team personnel only.
  2. If fans need to cross to the same side of the field as the team benches to get to the parking lot they must go around the field boundaries and not directly cross the field.

This is to help with safety for our officials and to help speed up the clearing of the bench and technical areas for the next match.

Thank you for your cooperation in getting this message to our teams and coaches.

President - GLCSL

New Soccer Season Update

Is your child going to be playing soccer for the first time this season? If so, click here to learn all about soccer through the Oakridge Soccer Club!

How we conduct ourselves as parents, players, and coaches is very important. It is NEVER ok to demean a player, disrespect a referee, opponent or opposing fan in any way. The following site has our Respect Campaign codes and are to be followed at all times - RESPECT. Failure to follow said policies will subject you to dismissal from the site and future matches. Don't be THAT parent!

Clubs can also now be fined for cards issued to coaches due to their behavior or the behavior of their fans. We appreciate your cooperation in this matter to keep the game enjoyable to those that are playing it!!

Registration fees at OSC are the lowest in the County!

Fees are $60. There is NO additional jersey fee! We also offer a FREE cleat exchange program to keep soccer an affordable sport for all. Gently used cleats may be borrowed and donated anytime our building is open! We also have a limited number of shin guards and socks available~ FOR FREE through generous donations.

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Hello Oakridge soccer friends!

Did you know that OSC has a travel soccer program through Grand Valley Soccer Association(GVSA)?

What does that mean?

A travel league is for "select" level soccer. This level involves try-outs, a little bit more travel and a lot more individual player development. It will cost more than the recreational teams, but you will be provided with higher levels of competition and weekly work sessions to improve skills. This will bring a more accessible program for those in our area. Our hope is that instead of playing select at other clubs, we will give our eagles a chance to stay here, and continue to develop and grow together.

What about Rec soccer?

Our recreational program, the program that you have experienced with us WILL NOT CHANGE! We will continue to grow and develop our players and coaches, as we always have. We will continue to look for new ways to give those players and families the best place we can for playing soccer! We hope to help them develop into the kids that are ready for that next level. Having a “Select/ Travel program” will simply help us to expand and give even more players more options at a higher level of competition moving forward.

We are very excited to be providing more opportunity to Oakridge!

OSC Executive Board

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We also have regular board meetings. Public is welcome!